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Discover Leadership Coaching for the Future.
The Finishing School for Mothers of Purpose is all about rediscovering yourself and your potential, healing what weighs you down, releasing the narratives of control, fear, struggle and lack. It is about rising to something higher, and becoming a leader for the future all with ease grace, and joy!
It is about authenticity, wholeness, freedom, depth, and connection;
all with an unshakable undeniable sense of self worth.

Because being a leader is not about your calling or your following; it is a state of being, a way of life. 
Based on principles from:
Brene Brown | The Life Coach School | Presencing Institute of MIT | NLP | The Leonardo Community Innovator Cohort | Carol Tuttle |
Mindfulness | Jesus Christ | Essentialism | James Clear | and... MORE!
*This school is not endorsed, supported, or otherwise affiliated with any of the aforementioned people, businesses, institutions etc.
E V E R Y Woman is A L R E A D Y a Mother
The leadership of the future is one founded on equal partnership between men and women. This equality comes not by trying to become the same, as true unity is always founded upon the ability to embrace, embody, and celebrate our divine differences. This cannot happen if women are not leading the way by showing what it means to be a woman AND a leader- a leader AND equal partner in the home, the community, the business world, the government, and beyond. Being an example requires us to FIRST be whole and in touch with our divine nature: Motherhood. 
Mother is the word for the divine feminine.
As such, EVERY woman is already a mother.
Our work is to uncover her,
to BE her.
The great role of a Mother is bringing light and life to the world.
This certainly happens through the act of bearing, raising, or caring for children.
But that is just the beginning foundation of our potential;
Of our Divine Motherhood.

I truly believe, as women step into their divine Motherhood, we will have the power to heal the world and create a reality for all that we are just beginning to even imagine.

This program is about bringing awareness to the traits of a Divine Mother, and connecting with that divinity and power as you learn tools to help you live as her in all areas of your life with ease, grace, and joy. Because that is how we free ourselves from the life experiences of: 
not being seen or heard,
 feeling stuck, 
and general over giving without equal reciprocation and acknowledgment. 

Letting go of every one of these experiences will require a woman’s ability to stand firm in & radiate the truth of who she is, despite how others act around her. All WITHOUT causing others to cower in fear, but rather empowering them to join her in living from a higher place. The rules of society in the past tell us strength, power, and position look and feel a certain way. They tell us there is no place for emotion, for community and for deep spiritual connection and true equal partnership in places of leadership.

Foundation for the Future
The Finishing School for Mothers of Purpose is about opening the door to change all that by teaching the principles that are the foundation for the future.

Personal Sovereignty
And above all,
These are not new answers. In fact, they’ve been around for centuries. Every major movement in history, every attempt at bettering the world, had traces of these principles woven throughout. Sometimes we got things right, and we progressed forward. Other times, these principles were twisted, distorted, and caused far more harm than good.
The difference between these events in our past and today is the fact that NOW is the time where humanity is ready to take all the lessons from history and finally step into a state where we can begin to actually apply and live these FULLY.

A Special Invitation
If I may, I’d now like to extend a heartfelt invitation to you.
Words cannot even come close to describing the power and gift of this program.
I invite you to take this journey, back to your divine heritage and back to the truth of who you are, because you are a powerful, divine being. And this world needs YOU. Yes, you. Messy, imperfect, wonderful you.

You have the dormant ability to create whole new worlds, by simply learning to fully be you. Come join us, and let’s do this -together.  If this stirs your soul, then I invite you to book a call with me to see what it would feel like to come into The Finishing School for Mothers of Purpose & be guided and supported by me on this personal evolution journey. 

Please click below if you already know this is for you so we can have a chat and see if it is a fit at this time .
Why join the Finishing School for Mothers of Purpose?
Imagine with me for a moment, a world where it is truly possible for all women and men to get along with one another. A world where we are not divided. A place where contention, and disputes are a thing of the past because each of us is filled with love for ourselves, one another, and all life.

 Imagine a world where, businesses and consumers, neighbors and friends were always just in their dealings with each other and trust abounds. Where everyone experiences the joy of a life filled with freedom and abundance. 

Where true peace exists. A world where there is no envy, no riots, no more angry or bitter disagreements over fundamental issues, no more lies, coverups, murders, or using sex as a form of power, control and manipulation.

Imagine that everyone is truly happy. That bodies heal. Disease dissolves. And health blossoms.

 Imagine that the joy felt overwhelms. Each person alive has clarity of who they are, and their inherent worth. 

Imagine that issues and divisions of race, class, and nationality, disappeared and instead we were truly a united human race -one.

If all this sounds too good to be true, you would not be alone in thinking that. To you may I offer this thought from Courtney C. Stevens:
“If nothing changes, nothing changes. If you keep doing what you're doing, you're going to keep getting what you're getting. You want change, make some.”
In the past we have always worked to create change by working from the outside in, from the top down. We try to change governments, laws, policies, and have even gone so far as to attempt to systematically wipe out entire groups of people by force all in the name of creating a better future.
The answer is to start with the inside, the individual FIRST. Don’t let the simplicity of this answer fool you. This is where the true power lies, and always has lain. Don’t get me wrong, many of the current systems will need to be dismantled before new ones can be built to replace them. 

But it won’t amount to much, and the road there will be FAR more tumultuous, if we don’t focus on fixing ourselves along the way, if not first. 
It’s not an easy road. 

That’s, in part, why this ideal future has eluded us for so long. It takes immense courage and work to step up and take personal responsibility for yourself on the deepest levels. It is much easier to blame and complain. To point fingers and create “us vs. them” narratives. 

It’s time we stop playing the victim. Stop waiting for better circumstances and for other people to get their act together before we can experience the life of our dreams.

Each time one of us courageously embarks on the path towards the life we all instinctively are driven towards -a life of freedom, abundance, limitlessness, ease, and authenticity- it paves the way for others. 

And gradually at first, but with increasing momentum, the life change of one becomes, hundreds, thousands, millions, and before you know it the human quest for utopia is complete.

But it all starts with YOU. Will you head the call? Will you make the choice?
Why Join Now?
Covid has fundamentally changed our world. This year every industry and individual in one way or another has had to “pivot”.

 Covid disrupted our normal day to day operations and forced us all to turn inward and gave us the time and space to reflect on what we were doing and what we wanted to do instead. And I believe this is just the beginning.

I believe every major industry and system - politics, education, business, etc. - is going to experience the continued “Covid Effect” in one way or another. 

By that I mean a disruption occurs causing normal operations to stop in one way or another, and a period of time for introspection can then happen, allowing us to pause and question: 

What have we been doing?

 Why have we been doing it? 

Is this what we want to continue to do? 

Or is there something different, better, we could do instead.

And when this time comes every industry is going to need leaders standing up and sharing their ideas, I want to have created leaders deeply connected to who they are and what they are meant to do who can rise up and fill those needs.

“You are one of those leaders for humanity.”
Meet The School
In the past finishing schools were a place for young girls to go in order to learn the proper ways, and cultural rites to prepare them to step into society and take their place. This is not your grandmother’s finishing school. 

This school is a place for women to come and rediscover their divine feminine nature, learn the founding principles of humanity, and develop the practical skills to become leaders, not just ladies, for the emerging future.

The School for Women of Purpose is Two Things:
1. A collection of individual courses you can take to dramatically magnify your personal growth and become the leader of your life. A new topic is taught live each month, registration opens the month prior to starting.

2. A Whole Leader Certification Program. 
By completing all 12 courses, (plus the additional Leadership 101 course along with all required course materials and lessons) you can apply to be certified as a Whole Leader -namely, someone who has become rooted in their own divine self worth, who works through their own trauma, and has not only learned, but practiced implementing the principles for the future of humanity. 

This certification is a mark that you are ready to take your place in helping to lead the human family home to our destiny.

2021 Course Catalogue
January/February: Calm in the Storm (Personal Sovereignty)
February/March: Becoming One -Partnership Edition (Co-Creation)
March/April: Becoming One -Unity Edition (Unity)
April/May: Money, Money, Money (Affluence)
May/June: Positive Parenthood (Stewardship)
June/July: How to Live Life Like a 12 Year Old Kid When You’re a Boring Adult. (Fun)
July/August: Firm Foundations (Gratitude)
August/September: Releasing Suffering (Duality)
September/October: Living Life Organized (Imagination)
October/November: Present Over Perfect (Intimacy)
November/December: The True Power of Being Christlike (Love)

Give Me All the Course Details
  • Each Course Runs for 8 Weeks. Registration opens the month prior.  
  • ​​8 Deep-Dive Calls (4 educational workshops + 4 LIVE coaching/healing sessions) These calls are usually 2 hours in length and go DEEP.
  • Practical exercises, activities, and journal prompts for deeper understanding and real life application​.
  • ​Voxer Chat Group for connection, support, and coaching between calls
  • ​Private Social Media Community (Platform TBD)
  • ​Platinum "Private Tutor" option (1:1 Voxer + 3 x 45 min 1:1 calls)
It's time to step up and become the Leader of Your Life.
Who is The Finishing School for?
The Finishing School for Mothers of Purpose is for anyone who is obsessed with their personal growth and serving others. It is for anyone who knows in their heart that they are here living now to help prepare the people of this world for the final culmination of human history -the Millenium, New Earth, Utopia. 

It’s for the ones who are ready to be an example; ready to lead the way to a new better future, with a conscious appreciation for and desire to build off of the success and lessons from the past. It is for those who wonder what it would be like to believe I just described you, and feel this tiny voice in the back of your mind saying “Maybe I AM incredible too”.
I'm not a Mother. Is this still for me?
YES! Remember, Mother is simply the world for the divine feminine, and as such EVERY woman is already a Mother. The Finishing School for Mothers of Purpose is designed to help you remember and embody your divine nature.
I'm am a Mother with many responsibilities already. Is this still for me?
Heck YES! The greatest gift we as parents can give to our children is a whole and healthy parent who can set an example for them. Not only will YOUR life change in ways you can hardly imagine, you will also be changing not only YOUR children’s lives, but paving the way for a new experience for your posterity. This is next level self care. It’s worth the investment, because YOU my dear, are worth it.
I keep seeing "Mother of Purpose" AND "Woman of Purpose" being used. Are there two different schools/programs?
Nope! And it’s not a mistake either. I believe the Mother is the word for a whole woman, the divine feminine. As such EVERY Woman is ALREADY a Mother. You will notice these two words regularly being used interchangeably to challenge the idea that we are either one or the other, but we aren’t ALL both. You are a woman. And you are a mother. And this program is for you. 
I'm not a Woman. Is this still for me?
Oh yes indeed. Why? Because while I am a Woman, and most easily connect with that experience, and while I do believe we are in a time in history when it is more important than ever that women discover and embody their true divine nature- 
WE ARE NOT MEANT TO DO THIS WORK ALONE! Men play a critical role as well. 

Understanding of these principles applies to everyone. Your life will change. Your ability to lead will change. Your ability to support the women in your life will change. The work of preparing the world for our divine future is one we are all invited to take part in. If you feel called, know you are welcomed and your presence and perspective deeply valued and respected. And let's be honest, aren’t you just a little curious too?
A Special Gift for You
If reading this is stirring something within you, please click here to receive access to a sample of my work as a gift from me to you.
The Finishing School for Mother's of Purpose isn't just another leadership program for you to do, it is a gateway into a new way of being.
Be a Leader, Not Just a Lady.
Do you feel that stirring in your soul? If so, I invite you to click below to book in for a chat with me and let’s see what it would feel like to invite you into The Finishing School for Mothers of Purpose.
I can’t wait to welcome you home to the truth of who you are!
Xo, Thanks for simply being you,
Based on Principles from:

Brene Brown | The Life Coach School | Presencing Institute of MIT | NLP | The Leonardo Community Innovator Cohort | Carol Tuttle |
Mindfulness | Jesus Christ | Essentialism | James Clear | and... MORE!

*This school is not endorsed, supported, or otherwise affiliated with any of the aforementioned people, businesses, institutions etc.
Meet The School's Founder & Teacher

Hi, I'm Emily

I'm a Mother of two adorable little boys, wife to my high school sweetheart and best friend, lover of all things chocolate, reading, and nutritional delicious food.
I am a Motivational Speaker, Trained Leadership & Life Coach, Professional Organizer & Spiritual Trainer.

I use all my tools to work on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual to get you the best results with more ease and grace.

 I started The Finishing School for Women of Purpose, because I knew I wasn't alone when it came to that pull inside saying:

 "You are meant for more".
I have always sought to better understand people and how to best help them in their lives. Whether it was...
  • ​as Co-Captain of the Speech & Debate Team in High School
  • ​​as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • ​in college, studying as a Dual Major in Biology & Psychology at Rensselear Polytechnic Institute in New York
  • getting my Formal Training as a Coach & Organizer from multiple programs & high level private training
  • ​as a participant of The Leonardo's Community Innovators Cohort
  • ​​as a student of MIT & The Presencing Institute's Theory U & its applications for leadership in the emerging future
... people are, always have been, and will always be my passion!
It is my delight and honor to help women everywhere discover how much more is availible to them as they become the leader of their life, and how to fully embody it the day to day experiences of their lives.
If you are ready to say yes to that little voice inside saying...
"...maybe I'm incredible too..."
Then this school is for YOU!
It's time to step into the POWER inherent in your divine self.
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